DAO Governance

The conceptualization of Abyss World was spurred on by the passion to create an Open-world ARPG with financial freedom that is open, transparent, and governed by the community.

Here, we outline the mechanism on how the community of Abyss World players will govern and maintain the protocol via the Abyss Round Table, where any changes can be proposed by the community.

$AWT holders will not directly participate in game governance because we believe that the number of $AWTs held by players is not the most important factor for contributing to the game ecosystem. The key is whether players bring marginal effects to the development of the game ecosystem.

Therefore, we will track players' achievements in the game and nominate governance seats to the community based on multiple indicators, such as players who have been in the top five of the season leaderboard for several consecutive months or players who have contributed to the game economically, such as those who hold asset-based NFTs and Gazer NFT holders (Abyss World Genesis NFTs).

This ensures that large $AWT holders will not have a disproportionate voting weight in the outcome of proposals.

For further details, please refer to Abyss World Economic Paper:

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