Central City - Nordinia

The Abyss Colosseum (AI-powered Auto-Battler)

The Abyss Colosseum is located in the central city, also used as the primary place for PVP. Players participate in a tournament based on a matchmaking system corresponding to their party level. This large-scale game will be held regularly according to the community-governed arrangement. The two sides are composed of a team of 6 Heroes, with 1V1, 2V2, 3V3 battles respectively. In each battle, Heroes are controlled and fought by their corresponding AI to compete in the championship. During this period, the audience could bet on their favorite team, and part of the prize will be rewarded to the winning player.

The Battle Arena

Located in the central city, the Battle Arena is a place for PVP where players battle against each other. Compared to the Abyss Colosseum, the Battle Arena is used for battles on a smaller scale. There is no need to wait for any community-governed arrangement, and it would only require matchmaking. Learn and earn from the opponent, and plan your strategy and Heroes' arrangement.

The Hero's Gate

Located in the central city, the Hero's Gate is where fragments collected via PVE can be synthesized into "Unknown Heroic Souls" and sold to the player's Bannerlord. This is the main station for players to get new Heroes. Each new Hero will have its own unique external attributes and AI dataset. Players need these Hero characters to explore the world, fight against invasions, and compete with each other.

Abyss Marketplace (NFT Exchange)

Located in the central city, also called as Nordinia's resource center. Items including Heroic Souls, materials, equipment, crafting materials, etc., can be listed for sale or purchased here.

The Territory

The player's Territory is a magical floating island around the central city, Nordinia. Various facilities and buildings can be built on the island to increase their strength. By fighting in invasion events and arenas, they can improve their Territory level, providing them the resources to gain new territories and build higher-level buildings.

Invasion missions are standard battles against evil. Every once in a while, there will be invasion events. Invasion events are world missions where all players fight together against the dark world. Players can choose their own team to fight against the invaders and will be rewarded with items and experience growth corresponding to their contribution level.

Tower of Heroes

The Tower of Heroes is a place for Heroes to rest. The number of this building determines the upper limit of the resident Heroes that one Bannerlord can have. The resident Heroes can grow and be assigned tasks in the tower.

Training Ground

The resident Heroes can train themselves in the Territory when there are no quests and competitions. The training facilities in the Territory are determined by the growth progress in character stats. Growth in character attributes obtained through training is limited but can ensure that most Heroes would be able to meet the standard.

Tower of Blessing:

One of the buildings in the Bannerlord Territory, Tower of Blessing is engraved with magic runes and provides shelter for Heroes in PVE. This place provides a time-limited buff daily, and can even protect Heroes from dying in battle. The Tower of Blessing is the source of Bannerlord Territory's magic power. Only a set number of Tower of Blessing can be built in each Territory, and the limit is related to the level of the Bannerlord.

Building the Towers of Blessing requires construction resources and a magic rune obtained during adventures.

Forging Workshop

One of the buildings in the Territory, the Forging Workshop is used for item forging and material synthesis. It can only be used a certain number of times per day (according to the level of the Forging Workshop). By gathering resources in adventures/expeditions, the Forging Workshop can acquire resources from players to forge items. These items include: Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Magic Scrolls, Vials, etc., and can be listed for sale on the market.

By gathering materials in higher-level stages and battles, weapons and armor can be further enhanced at the Forging Workshop

Similarly, the level of the Forging Workshop is closely related to the level of the Bannerlord's blacksmith. The higher the forging level, the higher the number of forging one could complete every day.

Alchemy Institute

One of the buildings in the Territory, the Alchemy Institute allows players to synthesize and obtain new materials. The Bannerlord can use lower-level materials to synthesize higher-level materials here. At the same time, alchemy will produce low-level alchemy materials every day during the synthesis period. These materials can be used at the Forging Workshop to synthesize vials/medicines.

Astralis Observatory

The tallest building in the Territory. For players that own the Astralis Observatory, one will be able to unlock and access higher levels of the Shattered Lands. These areas can only be accessed by gathering "Drawings of the Stargazer." In the higher level of the Shadowed Lands, one can find the most powerful beings along with the rarest magic and material.


One of the buildings in the Territory, the Sanatorium provides a place for injured Heroes from battle to rest and recover. Secondary add-ons can enhance these effects, including stamina recovery, removal of negative effects, mood correction, etc. If your Territory has no such buildings, you can pay to use Sanatoriums owned by other Bannerlords. In addition, Sanatoriums can be rented out to other players to quickly regenerate health.

Bannerlord Tower

One of the buildings in the Territory, where the Bannerlord can customize his/her appearance. Through battle and adventure, players can gather items that could altercate their appearance and reflect their status. At the same time, players can hold regular "banquets" for their Heroes at the Bannerlord Tower and will be rewarded with special loyalty bonuses.

The Memorial Tower

A database for Heroes. All the Heroes of the Bannerlord will be commemorated here after they retire and receive a permanent death from battle.

Recall Tower

A place for the Bannerlord to recall their Heroes in Adventure Mode. In some dangerous adventures, the player will face many life and death pinnacle moments. The Bannerlord can use the recall skill to save them.

Academy of Magic

A place to study magic skills for Bannerlords. Some magic Heroes need the magic power produced here to release their skills.

More Magic Towers...

One can build magical towers within the Territory, which provide various functions.

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