Bannerlords are player-controlled characters who control their Territory and serve against destruction. They are a group of magical residents at the end of the world who can incarnate as any race or maintain their current appearance. They do not participate in combat but instead lead a team of Heroic Souls to maintain his/her power.


Human attributes are relatively well-rounded and gifted to maximize stats for equipment. The occupations of humans cover almost all types. After these human Heroic Souls become legends, they often obtain a part of the power of the gods. Allowing them to have extra skill enhancements through faith points. Humans from different regions have different characteristics.

Race characteristics:

+ Bonus enhancements from the ownership of Territory towers.

+ Can use special faith magic

- High dependence on equipment.


Ornes are a tall gray and white-skinned race from the field of light and dark forces. Therefore, they are highly talented in using this power but are also relatively unfamiliar with various elemental magic. They are also extremely obedient to the duel laws of their world and follow the will of the strong.

Race characteristics:

+ Ability to use unique Sun and Moon magic.

+ Bonus enhancements when you are not the highest level character in the team

- Poor resistance to various elements


They were once known as the "legendary creatures" to humans. They are dragon-like humanoids with unique features like wings or sharp horns. They can use special attacks and possess strong resistance to magic. But because of their own combat beliefs, most Seracorons cannot perform high-precision and intelligent work.

+ High base magic resistance.

+ Unique Seracoron attack style

- The equipment bonus is low.

Sigma Elves

Known as the legendary elves once destroyed by invaders, now most of their civilizations are located in the mountains close to the starry sky. They are devout believers in the stars and diligently study the origin of magic. This grants them extra talent when using high-level magic. On the other hand, the elves gave up on physical charging combats because of their excessive pursuit of the power of the stars to sustain the source of magic.

+ Reduced initial magic learning requirements

+ Ability to unleash unique Astro-magic attacks

- Interruptions in casting will inflict self-damage

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