Quirks allow players to understand the special characteristics of the Heroic Souls quickly. There are a variety of quirks, and each Heroic Soul will have its own quirk. Here are some examples to understand its use in battle.

Some of these effects are not necessarily positive.


Characters with captain characteristics will provide some special buff to team members.

[Fight to the Death]

Characters do not retreat in battle because of serious injuries but are more prone to death.

[Infinite Strength]

Characters have higher initial strength and are able to use oversized weapons (usually the ones the character is familiar with).

[Saint Caller]

The character can use the Battleground Recall skill once to protect a wounded Hero, at the cost of a higher vengeance value for this character.


Characters will receive higher bonuses when using dual-wield weapons.

[Demolition Master]

The character will not harm himself or his allies when using bombs and explosives.

[Spare Smoke Grenade]

The character will passively acquire a smoke bomb to use in battle. The skill can only be used once per battle.


Characters with this feature will be more inclined to find ways to kill the enemy's back-line Heroes.

[Killing Rage]

Characters with this trait will enter a state of rage that lasts for some time after killing/repelling an enemy.

[Extra Agility]

This character will dodge excessively, especially against normal attacks.


This character will try to help when our back-line Hero is under attack.


When using a bow and arrow, there is a more pronounced long-range hit rate.


Born with diseases, the basic attributes are weak and can easily be killed.

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