What is Abyss World

Abyss World, resembles the city of Nordinia, the ultimate fortress city at the far end of the world battling against the dark forces. The reflections of countless worlds are summoned around the edges of this realm to form the Shattered Lands. There are various soul fragments full of mysterious power scattered across this beaten path. Embark on adventures in the Shattered Lands to collect these fragments, and use them as energy to summon the Heroic Souls ("Heroes"), but be wary of all kinds of banished evil that shall cross your path.

Each Heroic Soul has its own unique abilities and back story. They used to be generals, archmages, assassins, or other classes. Collect these souls and train them to fight against the dark forces. Each class's combat skills are different, pertaining to their past. During the training period, players would have to build their own team of elite warriors based on their characteristics/abilities in order to face the most powerful enemies in the deeper ends of the Shattered Lands.

During invasion and combat, players would have to build a team from different classes and utilize their abilities to defeat enemies whose level may be much higher. However, the Hero's combat ability is not entirely dependent on its attributes, so combat skills may be more important.

In the player's Territory, players can improve their basic combat effectiveness/stats by crafting legendary equipment for their Heroes, which would require farming materials in the Shattered Lands.

Finally, fellow summoners, welcome to Nordinia, the end of the world, and explore the magnificent fantasy world that was once destroyed, exchange resources, and form your own dream team.

Nordinia Mission

Players can move freely in Nordinia, a huge magical city where players gather. As summoners, players must fight against powerful invaders in their territories. Anti-Invasion is one of the most common daily tasks. The player's party level will determine the intensity and rewards of the invaders. Players can level up their party by competing with other players.

Each season, there will be powerful boss invasion events, where players can team up to fight and receive quarterly rewards.

The Return of Heroes

For the Heroic Souls that have died permanently in specific battles (arena, invasion, exploration) , it shall return to their original world and can no longer be used. To prevent this from happening, players can recall them when they are about to exhaust themselves in battle, but they will also be injured and require time to recover. In some exceptional cases, such as the arena, players can buy insurance for their Heroic Souls before battle, preventing any risks of permanent death.

The Shattered Lands

The Shattered Lands is the main area for open adventure/PVE and is composed of many regions with different levels. Players can build their own set of adventure teams of up to 6 people to explore and fight against evil creatures in these worlds, complete tasks, collect materials/treasures, etc.


The capital city in the game is a magical fantasy city surrounded by Bannerlords from all over the world. Players can perform most of their daily tasks here.

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