Main Classes

Heroes are souls of warriors reforged from all dimensions.

There are a variety of classes differentiated by their own style.

A Hero character is a combination of class/race/trait, etc., and can be equipped with the type of equipment they are familiar with.

The Hero character has external and internal attributes.

· External attributes refer to the quantified attribute values of the Hero, such as physical strength, wisdom, magic power, luck, etc. These parameters determine not only the combat effectiveness but also the minimum requirement for equipment and skills.

· Intrinsic attributes refer to the Hero's fighting skills. A unique AI operates each Hero in PVP, and they will make different decisions in battle. These decisions will determine how the Hero uses their fighting abilities and skills.


Warriors are legendary soldiers who charge into battle. They are experts in physical combat. Warriors will take the initiative to charge and use their unique skills to take aggro and block the enemy's frontline. Warriors' attack and defense are very high. Warriors are strong when facing enemies alone. Many warriors will even abandon their shields and conduct defenseless attacks on the enemy. At the same time, warriors can also hold two-handed weapons.

In the background stories, they were often legendary leaders, generals, and even dragon slayers.


Mushas are masters that focus on skill and combat with weapons. They are experts in using technical weapons such as guns, bows, and claws. Musha usually attacks cautiously and utilizes dodging and blocking. Musha is also good at special weapon attacks and would try to kill those enemies with weak defense first.

In the background stories, they used to be legendary martial arts masters/leaders and legendary assassins.


Mages are the masters of spell casters. They are good at casting damage-dealing spells to destroy the enemy. There is a wide range of magic spells, so one could delve into one specialization among many. Examples are elemental mages that use elemental spells, magic warriors that enhance weapons with magic, etc. Mages consume higher magic resources, but their abilities can often flip the situation.

In the background stories, they used to be masters of magic, messengers of the gods, and leaders of magical factions.


Engineers are practitioners and scholars of engineering. They are not good in physical combat. They often use special magic attacks in battle and are extremely good at manufacturing and equipment use. In a Territory, engineers can upgrade the level of the construction, allowing them to use these buildings. Their ability determines the efficiency and upper limit of these buildings.

In the background story, they were all legendary forgers, occultists, and college professors.


Explorers are adventurers with average abilities. They are not good at dueling, but they are born with high luck points and are familiar with the operation of the Broken Lands. They can prevent the team from falling into danger during expeditions. They can break traps on the journey and discover hidden treasures. In battle, they can skillfully throw props/items to attack the enemy and remove the negative state of allies.

In the background story, they used to be legendary adventurers traveling all over the world.

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