Tokenomics Overview

Currently, the value capture of web3 gaming tokens is an unresolved issue. Tokens exist to provide transactional utility to make asset circulation and value exchange more efficient in games. Furthermore, it transforms the game and the physical world into a mobile market. Many GameFi projects utilize tokens to finance NFT land sales. Typically, there is an emphasis on token governance, but governance provides a shallow value capture effect on tokens. This is due to the fact that it is almost impossible for actual users to participate in game governance during the early stages of a project, and only formal innovation can occur. Because of the existence of tokens, many projects will deviate from the game content itself — the game is designed around tokens, rather than allowing tokens to empower the game.

The token reward mechanism of Abyss World is not as simple as directly giving tokens to players who have spent a lot of time on simple tasks like traditional GameFi games. Instead, it rewards teams that complete special tasks in the PVE section, individuals who climb the game leaderboard, and winners of PvP arena seasons.

For further details, please refer to Abyss World Economic Paper:

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