Growth, Death, and Honor

Heroes' base attributes are permanently influenced and affected by these factors:

Battle Calendar:

Like war veterans, Heroes who get more victories and complete more tasks will be stronger. This experience takes time to cultivate and is the primary source of character growth. At the same time, the battle calendar will directly affect the Hero level of the Heroic Soul.

Daily Training:

Train ordinary Heroes to achieve the standard battle-ready status

Special Training:

Challenge your mirror image and other Heroes at the "Battle Tower" in the Territory to improve actual combat attributes and familiarize yourself with their positioning.

A Hero's death is permanent, but we can avoid it in several ways:

When the Hero's stamina value is 0, he will enter the imminent death stage. During this period, if the player wins, the Hero will be rescued by his teammates. However, if the Hero cannot be rescued in time, the Hero will die permanently.

Recall Magic:

The most common method, the Bannerlord can use the recall magic command to affect the battle team during PVE, which can effectively allow the dying Hero to return home safely.

Protection of Magic :

Known as the Protection of Magic, players can buy insurance for their Heroes in the Magic Tower of Nornidia before battle, saving them from death in the event of defeat.

Hall of Fame

Heroes will be entitled to the Hall of Fame upon completing these missions:

Win a tournament at the Abyss Colleseum

Get ​​the highest contribution value points in a big invasion event

Complete the journey of the Great Adventure

Achieve legendary status in the Battle Calendar

Glory points allow the Bannerlords to exchange for unique rewards and be recorded as part of Nornidia's history

Threats and Intruders

Intruders are the main threat to the players, also known as the banished destroyers of the dark side. They're from a collection of worlds on the edges of the Shattered Lands.

Daily Invasion:

This type of mission will be available daily. The Bannerlord needs to teleport his battle team to the battlefield to defend or fight against a group of invaders. This mission is dangerous and requires players to deal with it seriously.

The Great Invasion:

The Great Invasions are seasonal missions completed through long battles and will be more difficult than daily invasions. The Bannerlord must send his/her team to target locations to achieve the specified tasks. These tasks are ranked from high to low, such as boss raids or defending the outposts. The world can be saved from the Dark Forces with the help of all players. The contribution value is determined by points when completing tasks, and the seasonal rewards are issued to the player. The player with the highest contribution value will be given special glory points.

Adventure Missions:

As part of daily missions, the team level determines whether map scrolls are required to travel to destinations. The adventure missions are a series of battles and explorations. Exploration activities include item collection, dungeon crawling, etc. In adventure missions, Bannerlords will encounter enemies in designated areas, as well as special treasure chests guarded by bosses and enemies!

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